Model T

Model T Parts

Model T Depot Hack Seats

Driver seat has armrest, all metal in very good condition. Covers for patterns only. Very rare and hard to find. Seat backs fold.

Item# PT_0001


Model T Roof Supports and Brackets

All brackets in very strong condition. 5 of the 6 upright supports are very nice and one needs a splice or replacement. Oak wood in excellent condition.

Item# PT_0002


Model TT Truck Running Boards with Brackets

Very good condition. Only one rust-through hole approx. 1/8”. All very strong, all 6 parts together.

Item# PT_0003


Model T Ford Wheels

Very nice, solid condition. Metal rim and wood spokes, 30” x 3 1/2”. Non-demountable. Sold as a pair only.

Item# PT_0004


Model T Wheels (3 pieces)

These need work, some spokes may need replacement. One wheel demountable, 2 are non-demountable . Sold as a set only.

Item# PT_0005


Model T Wheels

Repairable, however some spokes may need replacing. Sold as a pair only.

Item# PT_0006


Model T Era Brass Lamp

This must be a reproduction because it’s too nice to be that old. Very good condition. No glass or base.

Item# PT_0007

$750.00 / obo

Battery Box Lid

Reproduction. New condition, well built.

Item# PT_0008


Model T Depot Hack Fender Brackets

Like new, ready to paint.

Item# PT_0009


Model T Depot Hack Side Curtain Hold-down Brackets

15 pieces. Very rare and hard to find.

Item# PT_0010


Believed to be 1920’s Model T Roadster & Roadster Pickup Top Bows with Irons

Very good condition. Hard to find originals in this shape if at all.

Item# PT_0011