Flathead V8 Parts

Flathead V8 Parts

1932 Ford Bumpers

Restorable, but do need work and re-plating.

Item# PF8_0001


1936 Ford Grill (SOLD)

Excellent unused condition. Reproduction.

Item# PF8_0002


1940s-1950s Air Filter (Oil)

Basic condition. Can use as-is or restore for show.

Item# PF8_0003


’49-’51 Headlight Retaining Ring

Good condition. Great price for the right home.

Item# PF8_0004


’49-’51 Station Wagon Tailgate Stops

Tough and worn. Will take a little work. Original.

Item# PF8_0005


1935-1936 Pickup Grill

A little rough, but definitely restorable. Still has some original green paint on right front.

Item# PF8_0006


1951 Ford Car Bumper Guard

Excellent Re-plated condition of original guard.

Item# PF8_0007


1951 Ford Steering Wheel Molding

OK condition for driver. Not for show. 3 pieces. Great price for the right home.

Item# PF8_0008


1928-1947 Round Mirror Head

New reproduction condition.

Item# PF8_0009


1951 Ford Front Parking Lights Grill Trim

These can be tough to find. Not good shape, but restorable with work.

Item# PF8_0010


1930’s & Early 1940’s Pickup Spare Tire Carrier

Very good condition. Original.

Item# PF8_0011


1937 Ford Banjo Steering Wheel

Restorable condition. Cracks in plastic and some pitting on metal.

Item# PF8_0012


1930’s Ford Pickup & Truck Freight Rack Brackets

Restorable – strong condition. Sold as a pair only.

Item# PF8_0013


1940 Ford Pickup Hood Trim

All (except 1) are in good condition. Use as-is on driver, very little work for show.

Item# PF8_0014


1936 Original Ford Steering Wheel

Restorable with cracks in plastic.

Item# PF8_0015


195? Ford Grill Trim

Excellent condition. Good plating, no pits or scratches. Sold as a set.

Item# PF8_0016


1936 Ford Car Interior Door & Window Handles

Excellent condition, good plating. May be reproductions. 11 pieces all together including 2 door handles and three window handles.

Item# PF8_0017