Awesome 1972 Pinto Squire (under 26,000 miles)

Who would ever think a 1972 Ford Pinto could turn heads , worm hearts & bring smiles. This neat little cutey does. She’s a real time capsule from the seventies with original, very low miles condition. Her interior is untouched and pretty much in new like condition. Even the carpet in the rear deck, rear passenger area & in the front looks great, there are no heavy signs of use. The spare tire compartment still looks new with no signs of disturbance. Seat belts look new (though one buckle is missing a faceplate). Rear seats may never have been used. All windows work as intended & rubber is perfect. Gauges function properly, she shifts smoothly with automatic stick shift, and the little 4 cylinder runs like a clock. Not a fast clock. Driving this Pinto is a scream.

The body styling is very cool, her faux wood finish has been completely re-finished by a meticulous artist. It looks beautiful, almost too beautiful. About 80% of the tan paint is original and looks shiny and new. There is one small area just aft of the gas fill where she was backed into and creased the quarter panel. This is not noticeable except in the right light or by touch. The other imperfections are the rear bumper is not perfect & the driver door upper panel where you might rest your arm when the driver window is rolled down shows a little sign of patina wear. Under the hood is clean, not detailed but,clean with original tool kit & jack. Everything about this car speaks of her light use and under 26,000 carefree mile use. Even the original cargo roof rack sparkles.

Come and see her in northwest Montana for your self. The price is $8,500 which is way below thirty three bid 1977 25,989 mile San Jose Pinto Squire in 2010 which sold for over $12,000 and far below the $19,500 buy it now 66,000 mile restored Pinto Squire mentioned on Jalopik in ’09.

Note: All cars are being sold without guaranty/warranty , I have done my best to honestly describe the condition of each vehicle. I welcome personal review of each car.