…and other auto-related junk. You can see from all the photos there’s a lot
we haven’t listed so keep checking this site for new junk.

Model B Station Wagon 1932 Art Print, as sold through Mac’s Auto Parts

Framed and like new. 14” x 11”.

Item# AM0001


Very Rare Model T Snowmobile Solid Rubber Tire on Wood Rim

This is not a part to be reconditioned. It is a hanger only. Impossible to find – a great novelty item.

Item# AM0002


Great 1946 Gasoline Ad

Shows three American Indians happy with their 1946 Woody Sportsman’s performance. 10.5” x 13”

Item# AM0003


Tin Radiator Sign

This is a current sign designed after the 30’s and 40’s service station signs. Approx. 20” wide.

Item# AM0004


Lot of 4 Gas & Oil Cans

Very old, hangers only.

Item# AM0005


Nice Black & White Newspaper Ad

Shows all station wagon models from the 1955 lineup.

Item# AM0006


Color Ad

1946 & 1966 station wagons. Very good shape, unframed.

Item# AM0007


Model T Ford Under-engine Auto Motor Heater by “Wallin Foster Associates” of Denver, CO

Stands 7” x 8” plus hanger handle. This is a very rare piece and the only one I’ve ever seen. IN very good shape for its age.

Item# AM0008