1922 Ford Model T Depot Hack

This Great Little Car was found in the basement of a old hotel in Waikiki a few years back. She had been restored in the late 80’s or early 90’s back east and left to the owners daughter on the west coast. She could not drive the car and so sold the Woody to a MTFC member who drove her in parades then sold her to a realtor in Hawaii, The Realtor also drove her in Parades & used her as a billboard for his business in Waikiki. The truck eventually developed a starter problem and instead of repairing the starter she was tucked away in the basement for years. My wife found the T covered in dust, but, very much in tacked.

Today she runs the countryside of Northwestern Montana in all seasons. Quick to start (she has an electric starter) and smooth running. Options include: Rocky Mountain Brakes, Side Lamps, Tool Box, Double Side Mount Spares, Starter and Rare Shocks. The Wood is beautiful with rich tones and a lovely aged (not worn) patina. She is fun to drive, the kids love her & with the subtle yet striking pin-striping wonderful to show.

Appraised at $17,500       Selling for $13,750

Note: All cars are being sold without guaranty/warranty , I have done my best to honestly describe the condition of each vehicle. I welcome personal review of each car.