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How This Collection Was Created

In 1959 at age fourteen I had saved $175 and a friend of a friend of a friend said he needed a hundred and fifty bucks for something & would put his 1946 Merc convertible up as collateral. I thought the car which, was in hotrod primer grey, looked and sounded well worth it. So I got the car with pink slip & he got the money. About a week later he showed up with a new car and told me the Convertible was all mine. Turns out he could not sell the car so hocked it to me for what he had tried to sell her for. It was OK by me even without a drivers license. That started a lifelong love affaire with those throaty Flathead V8s. As the years past I swapped out the Merc for a ’29 Fordor Leatherback Model A, then a ’49 Custom Club Coupe, a Pickup, it went on for years like this. I was just wondering & didn’t know why. Always one car at a time. Almost always with Fords. Then, while working on a promotion for Miller Brewing Company I was assigned to collect a couple Woodies to be given as grand prizes, restore them, have produced 500 scaled models as promo give-aways, and design posters, ads , displays and more. All based around the 2 identical woodies. By the time I had located two 1946 Ford Super DeLuxe Station Wagons to be built, the Miller folks had moved on to another promotion. It was too late for me…. I was in love. Nothing could stop me.

I personally bought one of the Woodies & dug right in. The project was way over my head and ability, but, boy was it fun. About 5 years later she was finished only through the help of some very talented guys. Driving Woodferd is magical! The sound of the 100 horses, the creaking of the wood, the feel of that oversized steering wheel, my God, nothing could be finer.

The combination of car & wooden boat has the presence & spirit of a magnificent horse only a little easier to care for.